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Here are the do's and dont's ...

We do understand that fantasy images, like NVITWAS, tend to show a lot of cleavage. But the gallery is viewed by visitors of all ages, so please keep your images appropriate for all audiences. If you can't show it to your granny, don't upload it here :) So....

  • Don't include any potentially-offensive symbols in your image.
  • Don't include any overt nudity in the images.
  • Do make your thumbnails 125 pixels high x 150 wide pixels.
  • Do make your Image size a maximum 650 pixels wide, height as you desire.

    Once submitted, your image will be reviewed by one of the Dark Anvil Dwarfs for originality, appropriateness, quality, and content.

    If your image is eaten by the Bog Monster unfortunately you won't be contacted and we won't enter into any form of debate about it. We are not a bunch of miserable Orc's, but dealing with the modelling Elves takes up all our time.

    If you are the copyright holder of an image and find it here wthout your permssion, contact us, we'll try to remove it ASAP. The offending uploader wll have all their images removed and given a free lunch date with our pet Troll, Herbert.

    So if you think you can brave the above, email: The Gallery Trolls your images!

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