Kroluk Tavern and Stables

Kroluk Tavern and Stables

The Kroluk Tavern is the 4th release for the world of the Dark Anvil. Constructed from a sketch concept by fantasy designer Joe Bailey, the Tavern and Stables make for a versatile pair of buildings.

The Kroluk Tavern is renowed for it's mediocre hospitality, and has an entry in the Dark Anvil Tourist Information Board booklet;

The Kroluk Tavern (or The Kroluk’s Head, as it is still known locally) is possibly one of the oldest surviving examples of a Trollian ‘branch and boulder ‘design Alehouse. It was built some time during the second reign of King Cassahl and is documented in the ancient scrolls as Gekill’s Alehouse, named after its first recorded landlord Gekill Mayce.

It is believed to be one of seven public houses in what was originally a village of only around twenty five buildings, but was successful against its competitors due to its built-in permanent fireplace – a first for Trollian Architecture! (Most house-dwelling Trolls up to this time had ‘Firebarrows’ which were wheeled around from room to room).

Two hundred years later, during the Troll clan wars, the importance of this building was reaffirmed as it was the only structure to remain undamaged by the surrounding violent battles. In fact it is widely reported that on many occasions rival clan members would make merry there all night - singing and dancing as though great friends - before butchering each other on the battlefield the next morning!

Some time soon after the clan wars ended the alehouse became known as The Kroluk’s Head. The details of how this name came about are varied and sketchy, but one of the more popular stories is that of a brave Forrest Troll who had, supposedly, slain a Kroluk beast that was terrorising the village and left the creature’s head on a stake outside the door – a romantic yet highly unlikely tale given the size and reputation of the Kroluk!

Following the opening of the nearby port of Pedren, the village found itself close to a new and important trade route as traders came from the south and the desert wastelands of the east to pedal their wares. The alehouse was given a wooden extension (very modern at the time and another first for troll design), built as a guest room to accommodate the odd weary traveller who had strayed from the main path and needed a place to stay the night (Sadly many travellers were murdered in their sleep for their meagre belongings). The status of the place at this time was then changed from alehouse to tavern as this, apparently, sounded more welcoming. The extension blew down in the high winds the following winter (killing the two Wood Trolls who were staying as guests) and is now roughly shored up with tree trunks.

The Kroluk Tavern currently holds a Dark Anvil Tourist Board three skull rating and is run by friendly Stone Trolls Megva and Sharna Gilian and offers mediocre food all day.

Not only does the model look great, but there are 20 moveable parts on them. All the doors open, locks turn and even the sign on the Tavern can be swung, great for windy day animations.

For applications other than Poser and Vue, the buildings can be loaded from one complete *.obj file, or you can load the individual parts.

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Kroluk Tavern and Stables Kroluk Tavern and Stables Kroluk Tavern and Stables


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