Product Updates

Veranda House (Poser Version)

This update contains 3 new texture maps.

Windows2.jpg and Windows2.tga

One customer reported a rare export issue between Poser and Vue 6. So you may need the files named above if you wish to export the poser model into other applications. Normal Poser useage is unaffected.


This is an artistic update. We felt the bump map on the house looked too severe on some renders. Therefore we created an improved one with more gradual changes which can be found in this file. There is nothing wrong with the old one, we just feel this is an improvement.

Please Note: The original model is required and you only need this update if you purchased before the 7th of Feburary 2007.

Click here to download the .794k update.

Home Farm - Stables & Haystore (Poser Version)

This update contains a revised .PP2 file.

The problem was a misnamed dial on a small part which could affect the Y trans rotation of the model when certain parts where selected.

Please Note: The original model is required and you only need this update if you purchased before the 13th of March 2007.

Click here to download the small .12k update.

Poser .PZ3 to Vue.

Some customers have reported that after installing updates to Vue, attempts to import .PZ3 files from Poser into Vue may fail to load some texture maps or parts.

It appears that Vue is sometimes unable to recognise a space within a filename.

The easiest solution is to export as an. OBJ -

Another way is to change the filename of the Geometrys and Textures folders in your poser runtime from "Dark Anvil" to "Dark_Anvil". Next using Notepad or Write, you must also change the path of the Geometrys and Texures within any CR2's or PZ2 files from "Dark Anvil" to "Dark_Anvil".

This is NOT a flaw within Poser or off the models sold here. We also understand that this issue is an occasinal one.

We have also changed the way we make products to mimimise this issue occuring in the future.

However this tip is provided as is - for a problem that is outside our control - and we can not accept responsibility for any issues this may cause.


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